Meghan WrightMeghan Wright is a Trainer and founding member for Safety Advisors for Educational Campuses (SAFE Campuses, LLC), and she currently serves on the Survivors Council within the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General. She has previously held positions with the Kentucky Department for Behavioral Health and was Director for the Kentucky Association of Children’s Advocacy Centers. Meghan has a background in education programming for prevention and response to child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault, with particular focus on trauma informed care, victim-centered services, and gender-based violence in the culture of athletics. Over the last eleven years, she has spoken publicly with honesty and passion about the effects of trauma and educated professionals on how to appropriately respond to survivors. She has conducted trainings and been a guest speaker for groups at colleges and universities, the Department of Criminal Justice Training, the Kentucky House of Representatives, the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs, the Governor’s Task Force for Campus Safety, as well as local and national agencies and councils.