Dan ReillyDan Reilly has a Bachelor’s of Psychology degree from the University of Wisconsin, and a Masters of Clinical Psychology from Central Missouri State University. In May 2018, Dan will complete a Master of Science in Data and Analytics from the University of Missouri, specializing in identifying, modeling and predicting optimal student outcomes utilizing big data available within higher education.

Currently, Dan serves as the Prevention and Research Coordinator for Missouri’s 21-campus, state-wide Partners in Prevention higher education substance abuse consortium and as a Data Analyst for the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Missouri. He has served as a Prevention Specialist at The University of Arizona, Director of Substance Abuse Prevention at The University of Rhode Island and Director of the Safety, Environment & Education Center at The University of Tennessee. He has served as the College Alcohol Prevention Expert of the VTV Family Outreach Foundation – 32 NCSI (National Campus Safety Initiative) Advisory Council a group created by the families of the victims and survivors of the Virginia Tech tragedy as well as an Associate with Safety Advisors for Educational Campuses.

Dan has served on the Missouri Behavioral Health Epidemiological Workgroup, the Tennessee Division of AODA Services – Evidence Based Practices Workgroup, and the Core Survey Revision Team. Dan specializes in strategic planning for measurable outcomes in campus-based alcohol prevention. Dan has served on several campus teams that obtained significant reductions in high-risk drinking (48% to 38%, Arizona, 67% to 52% Rhode Island, 48% to 28% Tennessee and 45% to 38% Missouri).